Lighten up WA

The Daylight Saving Party for West Australians

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The Daylight Saving Party WA is a state registered political party focused on advocating for the introduction of Daylight Saving Time in Western Australia.

Think about it…
Have you ever wanted more time after work to do the things you love? Do you want to enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones for longer? Are you annoyed at the time difference between WA and the rest of the country? Are you sick of getting home from work to find it’s almost dark and you have no time to do the things you love?

This is the solution!
Daylight Saving Time allows the majority of the population to better align their recreation time with the sunlight hours. Meaning more time for alfresco dining, gardening, picnics, swimming, running, surfing, kite-surfing, walking the dog, cycling… and all the other things we love to do in the sunshine.
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Our Goal

Introduce Daylight Saving Time in Western Australia (WSDST) from the last Sunday in October until the last Sunday in March.
This is in line with the dates that Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania also have Daylight Saving Time.

Our Strategy

  • 1. Win a seat in the Legislative Council in the 2017 WA state general election.
  • 2. Introduce a private member’s bill for the adoption of Daylight Saving Time to be observed in Western Australia during the summer months of November to March.
  • 3. There will be no referendum. We're not here to force another expensive vote - we're about getting things done!
  • 4. Advocate the positive benefits of Daylight Saving time to Western Australians.

Key Benefits

  • Lifestyle - time to enjoy hobbies outdoors, and take up new ones
  • Business - increased trading hours with the East Coast
  • Health - increased physical activity with more daylight hours helps to improve fitness and reduce obesity
  • Environment - less use of lights with improved sunlight hours
  • Mental Health - more sunshine means more serotonin, the “happiness hormone”

How you can help

Sign up to show your support and be part of the change
towards a brighter future for WA


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I/We apply for membership of the Daylight Savings Party WA and agree to be subject to the Party’s Constitution and rules of the Party. I declare that I am not a current member of any registered Australian political party. I am on the Australian electoral role. I'm aware that I may be contacted by the WAEC to verify my membership application.
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